Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Reading List

Got sidetracked from reading Ha Jin's The Crazed for the past couple of days. It's not that his book isn't a great read (it is), it's my lack of schedule, time management and yes, other reading material that keeps me from finishing the book.

+ + +

In fact, i just finished reading A girl's guide to hunting and fishing, this wacky, poignant and very funny read from Melissa Banks. My friend Manila gave me this to swap with my Candace Bushnell book last Sunday and after two days, i'm done. (It's that good) Call it Bridget Jones' without too much hype, or self-depreciation. The gal, Jane, is spunky, idealistic and very much experiencing what every woman may have experience at one time or another in her life. I love Banks' easy language, her characters' zany personality and the intimate (and not-so-intimate) relationships she has with her family, friends, and the men in her life.

+ + +

I'm overdue for a side project. Inside the office, i feel my brain is drained of its juice, and i am having the worst creative block in a long time. Argh. *ssheesh*.

In my quest for some knowledge and creative push, i've been going back and forth the aisles of the bookstores, poring over a dozen magazines just to get my brain to work.
I've signed up for a guided tour/creative activity this afternoon at the Lopez Museum ,hoping against hope that this will be the kick i've been looking for.

+ + +

I think i want to sedate myself from thinking waaaay too much about things.

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